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About The Woolly Tellers

Mick Whysal and Dave Brookes are The Woolly Tellers.  They evolved several years ago.  They began with the Story Tellers of Nottingham at the Ye olde Trip to Jerusalem.

Both have distinctly different styles in their performance and delivery.   Their goals however are the same.   To be different and to constantly strive to innovate.

There are differing opinions on what is story telling, ‘how it should be done’.   even prescriptive, in what material should be used.  The Woolly Tellers ‘break the mould’

We do not confine ourselves to boundaries.  Mike is a purist in relation to performing his own material.   Dave differs.  Primarily uses his own material.   However,  on occasion he will use a well written piece of work, particularly if it fits the occasion.

One phrase alone, ‘story telling’, can be an obstacle.   Often misunderstood and easily sidelined. 


What we do is take a subject, and bring it to life.   Create atmosphere, and give it reason.  Above all engage with you, the listener.   At our disposal, we have a whole range of material and historical knowledge, which is seamlessly woven in to our performance

Read on and you will see there are complete shows.   Of course we have the flexibility to carefully collate a series of tales.  To formulate a performance to suit most circumstances.

We are more than just story tellers.


Dark Tales for Dark Nights 

We have a a catalogue of tales and stories of human nature.   Many have an historical background and our tales are interwoven.   Dark tales nights can be adapted or written to suit an occasion 

A selection of our performances

A Very Victorian Murder 

This performance is about Nottingham in 1844.   Following the arrest through to  conviction of William Saville.

It was the alleged murderer of his family in Colwick Woods and the tragedy that occurred at his hanging on the steps of the Shire Hall  (Now the National Justice Museum).   

There has been controversy over this case ever since.   Let these experienced performers of the spoken word lead you through events.  You decide what is fiction and the truth

Fen Giants Gobbits and Marsh Horrors 

The fen marshes of Lincolnshire will ever be shrouded in myth and mystery.   These experienced performers have gathered historical facts and created a series of tales anecdotes of this era.  This goes back in history, when the Romans first drained the marshes for rich agriculture.   

Stories abound of Black Shuck, and the fen giants in the mist, not to mention what lies in the inky black waters of  the Fens.



Halloween is always a good time for dark and spooky tales.   It goes way back in history.   The Celts believe it's when the dark half of the year and light half of the year join for a moment in time and the sprits can pass between the worlds.   Others believe it's when the dead roam the earth and good folk bolt their doors and leave treats for the spirits.  

This is the exception when the Woolly Tellers perform  ‘Jack O Lantern’   a  traditional tale associated with Halloween 


Christmas Tales 

Our Christmas Tales brings out the true spirit of Christmas.   The stories and anecdotes are fun of nostalgia and poignant.   We love doing them on the run up to Christmas.   enjoy a chocolate or two with mince pies fruit cake an everything that is bad for you.  But it is Christmas!


An Evening with The Woolly Tellers 

You just may want to sit back and relax from tales stories and anecdotes from these experienced performers of the spoken word.   

The Woolly Tellers an extensive library of material resources to draw upon.   We are able create a performance to suit most occasions or perhaps for an event with a particular theme 


3rd August 2022


Hello All

In February we launched our new site and we are actively looking to expand in to new areas.   As you will see



below we have secured three  story telling event s at the Malt Cross.   his will be a ticketed event and as soon as



we have final details we of course will update our site.  

We have a new venue which is The Farm shop 437 Tamworth Road Long Eaton.   This is a local farm produce shop with a cafe area.   It is a lovely venue and we are to perform Halloween tales on the Saturday 29th October.   It will run late afternoon to early evening  a 'Tea Cake and Tales' event 

We have enquiries out with other venues and will update you as we have them

We are still looking for venues  Derbys leicestershire and North Notts.   Just email us if you have any suggestions  Sadly some of our old venues have ceased .

Take care all 

Dave and Mick  

Dark Clouds

With  the current pandemic we are once more commencing plans for our future events see below 

Future Events 

Tea Cake and Tales 


4pm Saturday 29th October 2022 

The Farm shop and Cafe 437 Tamworth Road Long Eaton

details to follow 


Halloween at the Cross

Sunday 30th October 2022 at the Malt Cross Nottingham

Details to follow  

Story telling at the Cross

Sunday 20th November 2022 .  At the malt Cross Nottingham All proceeds to the Street Pastors of Nottingham 

Details to follow 

Christmas Tales 

Sunday 4th December 2022  At the Malt Cross Nottingham  

Details to follow 


Mick Whysall 


             Dave Brookes 

Mick Whysall is an established storyteller and writer.

He is involved in all aspects of performance of the spoken word,  taking the form of historical talks, guided tours at various sites and locations.

He is able to draw from half a century of experience.  Born and raised in Nottingham, he has travelled the world extensively,  before returning to his roots and settling back on his home ground

Mick uses his knowledge of Nottingham and the rich history of the East Midlands to create the background for his many tales.    He frequently focuses on Nottingham’s often turbulent industrial heritage.   Having Grown up in 1950’s Nottingham,  regularly forms an ideal backdrop for many stories, tales and anecdotes.

Having travelled extensively by ship,  Australia features heavily along side other countries in Mick travels.   The colour and vibrancy combined with an intimate style of telling,  deliver a memorable experience for the audience.

He exclusively writes and performs all his own material.   He met with Dave Brookes at the Story Tellers of Nottingham.

Working with Dave Brookes,   who works in a different style,  makes a perfect balance.  Enhancing  the presentation and performance of The Woolly Tellers

Dave Brookes is a Derbyshire man who has lived his whole life in Derbyshire and by contrast has spent all his working life in Nottinghamshire working most parts of the county at one time.

He has a strong bond with both counties.   He worked on horseback for ten years and is a keen longbow archer

He has been a story teller and writer for some years.   Albeit he was already doing presentations and tours with his job,  he was introduced to the Story Tellers of Nottingham, where he met with Mick Whysall. 

He freely admits that when he finds a well written tale that suits his style he will adapt and perform it in addition to his own material.  

Constantly researching he is drawn often to the 1700, and 1800,   in particular local industrial and military history that can be weaved in to the fabric of his own tales.

There is a real thrill in performing the art of storytelling,  particularly to a new audience and observing the power of the spoken word.   

The Woolly Tellers were formed a few years ago and he joined forces with Mick Whysall,  who is distinctly different in approach and delivery.  This  produces a unique combination and listening experience.

The complete package

We have the ability to turn the most sterile or clinical space in to a welcoming environment.

An area can be illuminated effectively to suit the performance, the use of LED candles and projected images or alternatively use a back screen.


The lighting can be controlled independently of collectively by DMX controller. This allows a subtle colour changes to suit the story. A portable speaker system for the larger venue, allows us true flexibility in reaching the audience.

back projector
sound system
LED  candles
Light Bar
Pod lights

Sales and Publicity


Mike Whysall has a an extensive background. Skilled  in design and is extremely creative 

Dave Brookes is an accomplished artist and collectively both have a strong ethos in producing and projecting the correct image for our performance of the spoken word.

We have the ability to adapt and collaborate with a customer or venue to promote the show.

Albeit most of our promotions now relies on  digital outlets design is still important and we design posters,  flyers and flyer stands to suite the venue   

In the last year we have introduced online ticketing with ‘We got Tickets’ outlet.

Our contact details 


The Woolly Tellers


contact details 



website :  www.thewoollytellers.co.uk

blog site :  http://www.thewoollytellers.wordpress.com 

facebook:   www.facebook.com/thewoollytellers

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MickandDave

email:  thewoollytellers@hotmail.com 


Dave Brookes:   tel   0115 9723913

mobile number:  0744 343 3324 


Mick.  mobile  07949 298906


Booking conditions 

Please contact us by email telephone, text or write to us at:


19 Berkeley Avenue 

Long Eaton


NG10 3JY.


Ask for a brochure and our terms of booking. 


Image by Tyler Delgado

further information

The Woolly Tellers have performed for a number  years and, although based in Nottingham  have performed  across the County, as well as Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.

We are happy to consider bookings  for private or public events .  Being writers we are  able to  tailor the performance  to a theme or venue.


Each year we perform shows for a  good cause or charity . It is  important the this helps the local community .   We have performed for cancer research, the Air Ambulance Maggie's (Nottingham)  and Treetops Hospice  at Risley Derbyshire .